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Three years ago, Lisa Cook and Leslie Heins co-founded a nonprofit dedicated to women’s empowerment and connection.

The two have worked together in their event planning business for decades. “We started out as business partners, not friends,” Cook said. “But now we’re sisters.”

Their conversations were turning to what’s next after event planning when Cook’s father passed suddenly in 2015.

“That whole summer,” she said, “the phrase, ‘It’s never too late’ kept coming to me. I shared with Leslie that the whisper was very insistent, and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.”

The phrase…

by: Lotus Network

From left to right Leslie Heins and Lisa Cook co-directors of Lotus Network.

“She hates it when I say this, but we’re the grandmothers of event planning — it wasn’t even an industry when we started,” said Lisa Cook of her decades-long career as event planners with her partner, Leslie Heins. (Our slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion that they consider themselves the fairy godmothers instead inspired a couple of very warm smiles, but no comment.)

“We started as business partners 40 years ago, not even friends,” she continued. “Now we’re sisters.”

In the last few years, their conversations began to include musings on what might be next after event planning. …

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS, for JSG & Associates

There are many digital tools and tactics that can boost online donations to your nonprofit, but before you start sending weekly email appeals or sliding into supporters’ DMs, you have to do the groundwork.

The sooner you dial in the details of your online giving campaign, the easier it will be to plan the communications and calls to action. To help, we’re sharing some of our best tips for building and executing an online campaign plan.

1. Evaluate Your Current Situation.

Before you do anything else, it’s crucial to understand…

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS, for JSG & Associates

Partnerships and collaborations between nonprofits are strategic alliances that achieve more significant impact than any of the nonprofits could generate on its own. These partnerships exist in many shapes and forms, from less integrated associations to unified programming, shared services and even legal mergers.

How the Partnerships are Used

Strategic nonprofit collaborations can be used for several purposes, such as increasing influence, strengthening and expanding programs and services, scaling up services or streamlining operations to gain efficiencies.

Nonprofits can use strategic partnerships to:

● Obtain greater leverage among stakeholders


By Communicare

The economic recession and enforced quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted people’s mental health. People worldwide have reported disturbed sleep patterns, increased substance use and alcohol consumption, fear of job loss, feelings of isolation and increased symptoms of existing mental illness.

Not only was there a spike in people experiencing mental health issues, but there were now also barriers preventing those who needed help from accessing professional care and support — exacerbating mental health symptoms even more. …

By Jackie Sue Griffin & Associates

A good grant manager provides professional, high-quality services beyond what a typical bookkeeper, program director or grant writer can offer.

The right grant manager for your nonprofits needs to:

1. Keep Your Nonprofit Out of Trouble With Funders and the IRS

This is crucial if your nonprofit plans to seek future grants, especially if you’re working with or pursuing government funds. …

By Jackie Sue Griffin & Associates

Developing a new program takes some effort but will be rewarding — in terms of attracting grant funding — and impactful for your community, if you do it right.

However, if your program is poorly designed, you risk creating grant management issues, ranging from wasting resources or losing funding and funder goodwill all the way to decreasing the impact of your mission.

Here’s what you need to know to design a program that you can deliver — and report to funders on — with great success.

1. Do Your Research

Beware of developing programs…

By Gastro MD

Maybe you can’t help but think of outdoor fun, picnics and barbecues when summer comes around, promising us warmer weather. However, while the summer season is the best time to travel and celebrate with good times and great food, it’s essential to be careful not to put your liver health at risk. Here are some tips for caring for your liver this summer.

Avoid alcoholic temptations.

Maybe you can’t imagine summer without thinking of cold beers and mixed drinks with colorful umbrellas served poolside. But before you give into these stereotypical summer staples, think about the consequences to your liver.

By Gastro MD

It’s a common misconception that men are more prone to gut-related health problems because they’re more likely to have belly fat around the midsection. However, both men and women are at risk of developing gastrointestinal-related health issues. And the reason why women are less likely to have a potbelly is that they have more subcutaneous fat, which means excess weight is carried in their butts, thighs and arms. Men have less subcutaneous fat and end up storing fat in their bellies.

However, it’s also untrue that only men with big stomachs have gut issues. …

By Gastro MD

Fathers may be known for their stereotypical “dad jokes” and “dad bods.” But now that we understand that the gut plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health, Dad’s “beer belly” may not be the only sign that there’s something wrong.

Here are some signs to talk about with your dad to make him aware of an imbalance in his gastrointestinal system, which may cause more significant health issues in the future, including heart disease, diabetes, mental health conditions and cancer.

The Warning Signs of Gut Imbalance

The gut is home to millions of bacteria and maintaining a balance between the good and…

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